Chapter 1 - Part 4

Bum Fire and Chereth steal a keychain from Rhodri’s Bazaar in the Ancient Quarter.

They heard a rumor that Chereth’s hometown Dun Bhlathain in the Half-Elf region of Leathlucha was on fire. They travelled by horse to the town and found that Count Maeleachlainn, the town’s governor, had declared martial law. They defeated the elven guard that remained while the rest of the soldiers were terrorizing the countryside. They made sure Chereth’s mother was safe and then found Maeleachlainn in the local church, part of the Church of the Pantheon. While there, they resuced Fethnaid, the priestess of the church. They saved Caoilfhionn, her daughter, from being killed by a vampire, though she may have been bitten. Caoilfhionn later saved Chereth’s life while they were celebrating victory in the local mead hall.



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